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Frequently asked questions

About Plenny Shake

What is Jimmy Joy?

Jimmy Joy provides you with nutritionally complete food which contains all the energy you need and contains no less than 27 vitamins and minerals. We’ve got powders and bars which will help you stay nourished quick and easily, so you’ve got time left to spend on whatever you’d like to be doing instead of buying your groceries and cooking your meals!

So how do I eat this stuff?

First of all you open up a bag of Plenny shake and throw some of the powder into the shaker: one serving is equal to 173 g (or 3.5 scoops) mixed with 500ml of water. Now close the shaker, shake it up and put it in your mouth!

Will I get a fancy shaker with my order?

As a first-time customer one of our custom made shakers will be added to your order for free automatically! Need another one? You can add one at the checkout for just 2,50 euros. All shakers include a handy gyrating ball which helps the mixing process, making sure no lumps are left over. This way your shake becomes extra smooth!

You are talking days and meals of Plenny Shake, I’m confused

We pack Plenny Shake in bags of one day’s worth of nutrients. We figured since most people have three meals a day, one bag of Plenny Shake is the equivalent of three meals. If you order 15 meals for 30,- EUR you will receive five bags of Plenny Shake. We express Plenny Shake in 'meals' to make clear you can use Plenny Shake whenever you like. One bag of Plenny Shake could be three times a breakfast, for example. However, we are moving towards a new formula including a new recommendation of splitting one bag of Plenny Shake into five meals instead of three. We're already using this new formula for our limited editions, which is why - from time to time - we express one bag of Plenny Shake being five meals (instead of three). Nothing unclear about that, right? 

Is Plenny Shake vegetarian?

Absolutely. There are no animals in Plenny Shake whatsoever. No cow, no horse, not even one small pig tail.

Is it safe?

Yeah it is. It may be that it works differently for you. Therefore, it may be wise to consult with your doctor before using it. All the ingredients in Plenny Shake are meant for human consumption: there’s no glass in there or anything. No pig tails, no glass.

I’m underaged, can I eat Plenny Shake?

Plenny Shake is developed and manufactured for regular adult consumers. Please consult with your doctor if you have any doubts about whether you should drink it or not. Plenny Shake is not intended for children under the age of 18 or women in pregnancy.

Did you make different types of Plenny Shake for men and women?

No, that would be sexist, right? Also, your level of activity is far more important as to what you need in a day than gender. Plus it would be more work for us. But mostly, it would be sexist.

Can I use Plenny Shake after or during exercise?

I really like using it after exercise. I mix it with extra water to make it more hydrating. Sometimes I add ice cubes to make it extra refreshing.

Or, you could use Plenny Shake Sport.

How do I store Plenny Shake?

We recommend that you keep the powder bags in a cool, dry place. Preferably in the dark, like a closet or your sock drawer. If you like to pre-mix your Plenny Shake and keep it overnight so that it’s ready to drink in the morning, put that in the fridge too! It’ll taste and feel even better! Unopened bags of Plenny Shake have a shelf life of around 6 months, so you can store it safely for when the apocalypse breaks out! 

Plenny Shake ingredients

What is Plenny Shake made of?

Oat flour, soy flour, whey, maltodextrin, ground flaxseed, vitamins/mineral mix,

Vitamins & minerals?

Yes! For more details about the vitamins, minerals and other product specifications, see the packaging labels. The packaging labels are available as pdf files, on the product pages, just below the product description.

How many calories are we talking here?

There are 2116 kcals in one bag of Plenny Shake. For the calories and other specifications of the other products, see the packaging labels (available on the product pages).


Plenny Shake contains Whey Protein concentrate, which contains small amounts of cow milk, lactose and soy lecithin. Plenny Shake also contains soy flour, full of soy protein, and oat flour, which may contain gluten and traces of nuts and peanuts.

Can I get a customized Plenny Shake with or without certain ingredients?

Unfortunately no. This will complicate our production process too much. We are however working on a Plenny Shake with less lactose.

Shipping & Payment

What is the current ETA?

This number changes on a daily basis. Check the front page for updated information.

Do you ship outside Europe?

Yes. Different countries will differ in prices, however. It is also important to keep in mind that all countries outside of the EU customs or VAT area will have import and custom/duty taxes which you may be charged with upon receiving your package! If duties and taxes are placed on your package by customs officials, the fees will be your responsibility.

If want to ship to a EU country but you’re unsure if your country falls within the EU customs of VAT area; please consult this document: Annex 1 to SAD Guidelines (TAXUD/1619/08 rev. 3.4): Overview of European Union countries

Why can't the vegan variant be shipped to Australia and New Zealand?

In the vegan variant, the whey is replaced by rice, hemp and soy protein. In Australia and New Zealand hemp is not allowed in food products.

Why can't the sport variant be shipped to the United States?

Glucosamine something something.

What happens if I refuse the package?

If your package cannot be delivered (unless the circumstances are due to a fault by Jimmy Joy and/or the delivery service) or is unclaimed or refused, you are responsible for the following:

  • Original and return shipping charges
  • Duties, taxes and/or customs charges that are incurred on the package for both the original and return shipments.

The amount of these charges will be subtracted from your refund.

Will I receive a Track and Trace code?
Yes. First you will be notified when we have completed your Jimmy Joy. A few days after our distributor will send you tracking details.

Can I use a PO box?

Unfortunately, your box won’t fit in your PO box. Unless you have a very large PO box.

But seriously though, we cannot deliver to PO boxes.

How can I pay?

This website accepts payments via Mastercard, Visa, iDeal, Mister Cash, Sofort Banking, SEPA/IBAN Wire Transfer, Paypal and Bitcoin. 

What do I need to know before signing up for a monthly subscription?

Please note when signing up for a subscription:
1. you can only start a subscription by paying with Credit Card
2. most promotions or discounts on the initial order won't be applicable to subsequent orders in your subscription
3. you'll receive a notice 14 days prior to charging and shipment of each order in your subscription
4. you can pause or stop your subscription any - frickin' - time