Jimmy Joy

  • Green Makes The World go 'Round

    The past decade, Black Friday has grown out to a worldwide commercial phenomenon. While we all love saving money on a good deal, what does all this excess buying and package delivery mean for the environment?  Throughout 2019, we’ve been taking big steps towards making our company more sustainab... View Post
  • Celebrate your freedom! It’s Singles Day!

    11/11 is Singles Day, the day you can show the world that you are proud to be the one and only ruler over your king-sized bed. All day, every day. View Post
  • This guy ate Plenny Shake for 6 months and had his blood tested afterwards

    Lee Primeau has been eating nothing but our Plenny Shake for six months. Just as an experiment. The six months are now a wrap and we’re glad to announce Lee is still very much alive and kicking. Not only that, he has some medical evidence to back it up. Since he’s a BSc Food and Nutrition stud... View Post