How subscriptions work

Easily managing your Jimmy Joy subscription

Setting up a subscription is easy and intuitive. To set up a subscription you’ll first have to create a Jimmy Joy account. Once you’ve created your Jimmy Joy account simply pick and choose your favorite products and select at which time interval you would like to have them delivered (once every 4 weeks makes the most sense for many, but we’ll let you decide!). Each shipment will be sent out on the same day you started your subscription, orders placed during the weekend are shipped out first thing on Monday. Please note that subscriptions can only be set up with credit card payment.

How much or how little Jimmy Joy you would like to receive can be adjusted at any time, but be sure to submit any changes at least 24 hours prior to the shipping date. If you want to double check your changes were processed successfully, just contact our amazing customer care team. They’re always up for a chat and happy to answer any questions you might have.


You can cancel or skip your subscription anytime, we won’t take it personally (okay, maybe a little). You're also free to return* and receive a refund** for any unopened bags in the highly unlikely event of you not liking our products.

*Within 30 days of purchase date

**Shipping costs won’t be refunded

So how does it actually work..?

There are 2 ways to get in to your subscription management page. The first one is by clicking the “Manage Subscriptions” link (see below) in your confirmation email.


The second one is by logging in to your account at (please note we don’t automatically create this for you, click here to open in a new tab) and clicking the “Manage Subscriptions” link (see below) on the top left just below your name.


Here you can change everything to your liking:

  • Edit your Delivery schedule
  • Skip a scheduled delivery
  • Edit your products, flavors etc.
  • Change your shipping & billing information
  • Cancel your subscription(s)


If you need further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at - we’ll make sure to get everything sorted for you ASAP.