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All Plenny meals are nutritionally complete. They contain a complete mix of slow-releasing carbs, essential fats, high-quality protein, dietary fiber and 26 essential vitamins & minerals your body needs to thrive.

They are affordable, tasty, convenient and 100% vegan. Below you'll find a handy table to easily compare the meals side by side. Further down you will find a more in-depth nutritional comparison.

When? Prep Time Energy Benefits Flavors Price from
Shake Breakfast / Lunch 1-2 Minutes 400 kcal*
  • Best seller
  • Lowest price per meal
  • *Flexible portion size

Oaty vegan milkshake with a hint of vanilla


With real freeze-dried banana


Rich chocolate flavor with real cacao


Sweet, nutty pistachio ice cream flavor


With real freeze-dried strawberry


With added caffeine

Lemon Pie

Creamy and citrusy: like sipping on rays of sunshine!

Wild Berries

Wildly delicious blend of strawberry, blueberry and raspberry

€1.59 per meal
Shake Active Breakfast / Lunch 1-2 Minutes 400 kcal*
  • Higher protein, lower carb
  • *Flexible portion size

With real freeze-dried banana


Oaty vegan milkshake with a hint of vanilla


Rich chocolate flavor with real cacao


With real freeze-dried strawberry

€1.69 per meal
Bars On the go No prep time 400 kcal
  • Complete meal bar
  • Easy to carry around
Caramel Sea Salt v3.0

Sweet caramel with a pinch of sea salt

Chocolate v3.0

Crunchy chocolate meal bar

Almond & Fig v3.0

Natural taste with almond chunks

Vanilla v3.0

Vanilla with a crunch

€2.76 per meal

Full nutritional breakdown

Nutrition Plenny Shake Plenny Shake Active Plenny Bar Plenny Pot Plenny Drink
Protein 20g 35g 20g 20g 20g
Total Fats 15g 13g 17g 13g 15g
Carbs 42g 32g 38g 45g 45g
Total Sugars 3.3g 3.8g 4.9g 7.4g 6.9g
Fiber 8.3g 6.7g 7.9g 6.5g 5.9g
Full Macro Split
42/34/20/4 32/29/35/4 38/38/20/4 46/30/21/3 45/33/20/3
26 vitamins & minerals

Support the body in building and maintaining a healthy colony of live cultures and other microorganisms.

Microalgae Tetraselmis chuii

Freeze-dried microalgae provide essential antioxidants that can help with muscle recovery and performance in daily exercise.

Natural Flavoring
Serving Size 95g 98g 100g 100g 330ml

*Natural flavoring currently available for all flavors except Vanilla shakes

We offer a wide range of meals and flavors tailored to suit your individual needs. Whether you have a favourite in mind or need some guidance, our live chat or email support is here to help you make the perfect choice.

Shop our meals directly below or let us know how we can assist you in finding your ideal meal. We're here to make your experience as seamless and enjoyable as possible!

The Plenny Family

plenny shake

Plenny Shake v3.0

Best seller with lowest price per meal

$15.92 per bag

4.45 / 14213 reviews

plenny shake


Nutrient-dense, crunchy and filling meal bar

$38.30 per 12-pack

4.40 / 4554 reviews

plenny shake

Plenny Shake Active

35 g of protein, less carbs, 25 delicious meals

$45.80 per bag

4.43 / 752 reviews