About Jimmy Joy

We pioneer in easy, tasty and nutritionally complete meals since 2014. Our mission is to create easy and tasty nutritionally complete meals that give you more time and energy to do what you love. 


Our founder Joey van Koningsbruggen got annoyed with having to choose between healthy or fast food. So he set out to create healthy fast food. Which then became a mission to create the healthiest meal scientifically possible. Starting with interns from the University of Wageningen and by partnering with a large manufacturer of baby food the first recipe was created to be as close to health recommendations from the World Health Organisation. When the company grew he hired a food technologists, a research analyst and worked with certified dieticians to do in house research to improve further on health. Food is more than just the nutritional make up however and recent updates focussed on flavor and sustainability too. Real fruit was added to improve flavoring and the highest quality ingredients were sourced to create not only the best in nutrition but also in texture, creating a smooth milkshake like experience. By partnering with Trees for All Jimmy Joy now compensates for its CO2 emissions. 


Our mission to create the healthiest meal possible remains and can be followed in our Health & Nutrition section. Jimmy Joy is extremely sustainable because it helps reduce food waste by using only what you need and by having a long shelf life. We also compensate CO2 (658 metric ton in 2018) but we want to go further by making all our packaging 100% recyclable. We want to delight our customers with more great flavours on top of being the healthiest meal possible.