Jimmy Joy

  • Henrik used Plenny Shake to get ripped

    Henrik used Plenny Shake to get ripped. We interviewed him to find out about his method. Jimmy Joy: Why did you start bulking? What was your goal, and what is it now? Henrik: I have always been skinny and wanted to gain weight, and my girlfriend and I decided to try to get in shape, so we j... View Post
  • Food for Rowing the Atlantic Ocean

    Ever fantasized about what it’d be like to spend more than a month rowing a boat? Across the Atlantic Ocean? With a bunch of dudes!? Well you don’t need to anymore, because apparently, this is a thing. The Talisker Whiskey Atlantic challenge is a 4800 km long rowing competition that people vol... View Post
  • Introducing: Plenny Drink

    Just two years ago we took our first steps towards a ready-to-drink (RTD) version of our Plenny Shake. We tested a lot of prototypes, with different protein sources and flavors. It was hard to get it right, but now, at last, we’ve got a great final product. May we present to you: Plenny Drink! F... View Post