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  • This guy ate Plenny Shake for 6 months and had his blood tested afterwards

    Lee Primeau has been eating nothing but our Plenny Shake for six months. Just as an experiment. The six months are now a wrap and we’re glad to announce Lee is still very much alive and kicking. Not only that, he has some medical evidence to back it up. Since he’s a BSc Food and Nutrition stud... View Post
  • How This Guy Reached His Body Goals with a 12-Month Plenny Shake Diet

    Most people like to use Plenny Shake for their breakfast or lunch, but every now and then a true biohacker emerges to truly put our product to the test. Previously, Lee Primeau lived on Plenny Shake for six months and had his blood tested afterward. So you can imagine we were impressed when so... View Post
  • Henrik used Plenny Shake to get ripped

    Henrik used Plenny Shake to get ripped. We interviewed him to find out about his method. Jimmy Joy: Why did you start bulking? What was your goal, and what is it now? Henrik: I have always been skinny and wanted to gain weight, and my girlfriend and I decided to try to get in shape, so we j... View Post