• A brand new year is upon us! And you know what that means: spending a day thinking of New Year’s resolutions—and then spending less than an hour breaking all of them. No need to feel discouraged, though. Jimmy Joy will help you out this year. Here are five Resolutions that are usually doomed to f... View Post
  • We gave Plenny Shake a complete makeover

    We made some exciting updates to the Plenny Shake formula. We tested a lot of different formulas throughout the years, looking all professional in our lab coats and safety goggles, and ended up with some great progress. Our main goal was to improve the texture, flavoring and macronutrient composition of Plenny Shake. And we did it! View Post
  • New Restocked Webshop

    A brand spanking new webshop means new functionalities! In this blog post, we'll give you a brief overview.   Subscriptions By far the most significant change is the new subscriptions option and the benefits that come with it. With this new website, we have decided to part ways with the old schoo... View Post