Plenny Shake Active v3.0 vs v3.1! What changed?

Our mission to create the healthiest meals scientifically possible never stops! And we accomplished it yet again with an even healthier and tastier...

Plenny Shake Active v3.1! 


Now available in 4 best-selling flavours: VanillaBananaChocolate, and Strawberry.


Want to know more about the changes we made to the formula? Find out here.



  • 35% more protein
  • 19% less fat 
  • Antioxidants from freeze-dried microalgae: Tetraselmis chuii


Plenny Shake Active v3.0 vs v3.1 nutritional info 

Plenny Shake




Per portion (Vanilla)


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Macronutrient Makeup 


Plenny Shake Active v3.1 contains 35 grams per 400 kcal meal. We increased it by 35%! That’s plenty to keep your muscles growing, help your body repair itself, and keep your stomach full throughout the day [2]. Especially if you lead an active lifestyle. Studies show that a higher protein intake significantly enhances muscle strength and size for prolonged resistance exercise training [3].

We reduced the total fat content of the Plenny Shake Active Banana from 16 g to 13 g and saturated fat content from 2 g to 1.6 g.


Fibre for the Plenny Shake Active Banana v3.1 was reduced by just 0.7 g. But not to worry: with 6.4 grams of fibre per meal, Plenny Shake Active Banana v3.1 is still high in fibre! 


We decreased the total carbohydrate content of the Plenny Shake Active v3.1 by 2 grams per portion. This slight decrease is nothing to worry about since it is still within the recommended amounts as established by  the EFSA and considered low in sugar [1]! 


Micronutrient Makeup


Because we increased the amount of protein for Plenny Shake Active Banana v3.1 from 26 to 35 grams, the total salt content increased from 0.66 g to 1.1 g per meal. Because it contains all nine essential amino acids, the soy protein we use is an excellent choice for a high-quality plant-based protein source - but it’s quite  salty. Not to worry though: the amount of salt per meal is still well below any unwanted levels. The World Health Organization states that “a salt intake of less than 5 grams per day for adults helps to reduce blood pressure and risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke and coronary heart attack.”  [7]


Antioxidants from microalgae 

Plenny Shake Active Banana v3.1 contains freeze-dried microalgae: Tetraselmis chuii. This alga contains a lot of the antioxidant “superoxide dismutase” (or: SOD). Our body naturally produces this antioxidant, but as we age, we produce less and the quantity decreases. SOD is the first antioxidant in the line of defence against ROS: reactive oxygen species. These can damage proteins, lipids and genetic material [4]. When there are too many ROS and too few antioxidants to battle them, the antioxidant defense system gets overwhelmed, and the body will experience oxidative stress [5]

Many diseases, including cancer, atherosclerosis, diabetes, chronic inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders, and cognitive disorders, are thought to be influenced by oxidative stress. But studies have shown the advantages of antioxidant supplementation to reduce oxidative stress. (Check out the review from Stephenie et al., 2020 [6]).

Tetraselmis chuii has a high SOD activity, higher than 30.000 U/g (the highest known until now) [4]. So to prevent your antioxidant defense system from getting overwhelmed, you’re now getting some extra SOD from your favourite Plenny Shake Active v3.1! 


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