This guy ate Plenny Shake for 6 months and had his blood tested afterwards


Lee Primeau has been eating nothing but our Plenny Shake for six months. Just as an experiment. The six months are now a wrap and we’re glad to announce Lee is still very much alive and kicking. Not only that, he has some medical evidence to back it up. Since he’s a BSc Food and Nutrition student with the University of Alabama, he went and got his blood tested before, during and after the experiment. You can read all about it on Lee’s own blog here: But we also tried to sum up the results and make it readable for y’allz.

But TL;DR, he’s perfectly healthy.

First, the good stuff

Ideally, you want the ratio between your high-density lipoprotein (good cholesterol) and overall cholesterol below 3,5 to 1. When Lee started his experiment his ratio was 3,5 to 1. After a month of Plenny Shakes it dropped to 3,2 to 1. Which is good, because that gives you less chance of heart disease.


Lee began the experiment weighing 82 Kg (181 lbs). Within the first two months he lost 13 Kg (29 lbs) to about 69 Kg (152 lbs). He remained around that weight until the end of the experiment. For his height, that’s the perfect BMI, which was 21. Pretty damn amazing.

Overall blood sugar and blood pressure improved throughout the experiment. (y)


Slightly less good stuff

Vitamin B12
Lee’s B-12 vitamin was too high. Though he thinks that makes sense as he was consuming more than the Recommended Dietary Allowances (RDA) since he needed more calories.

Vitamin D
On a bad note: Lee’s vitamin D (250H) was too low in the middle of his experiment. To correct it, his doctor put him on a daily dose of 800IU vitamin D. This might be due to the international guidelines for Vitamin D being too low and might need correction. Either way, our food expert is looking into this now.

Lee’s conclusion in his own words:
“If one were to ask me, do you think the Plenny Shake is a product capable of completely replacing meals one day? My answer would be a resounding yes. This experiment has proven that it is safe to consume Plenny Shake long term. In the end, I became healthier consuming 100% Plenny Shakes. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for something quick and on the go, much more so that the current fast food options available today. Move over Ronald McDonald Jimmy Joy is in the fast lane to success!”

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