Jimmy Joy customers can now earn Time Tokens! Time Tokens can be exchanged for all kinds of cool stuff, like discount coupons, free products, giftcards, and more. 

Earning Time Tokens

There are lots of ways to earn Time Tokens. First off, every euro you spend in our online store will earn you one Time Token. But also writing a review, following us on social media, or recommending us to a friend (which will benefit you both!) will earn you Time Tokens! 

Earthling, Astronaut, Time Traveller

But that’s not all: earning Time Tokens will also earn you status. Starting as an Earthling, earning enough Time Tokens will turn your Earthling into an Astronaut or even a Time Traveller. Each tier comes with its special perks, like extra discounts, the chance to vote for new flavors and products, and even personalized birthday presents. Below you'll find some more information on different rewards & perks our tiers give you.

Get started! 

To start earning (and spending!) right away, please click on the turquoise button that says ‘Reward Program’ on the bottom right of your screen. 




0 TT


850 TT

Time Traveler

1500 TT

Time Tokens earned

 €1 = 1 TT

€1 = 2 TT

€1 = 3 TT

Free sticker






Discount coupon (2% extra for subs)










Vote for new Limited flavor 








Birthday present







Secret reward







Be sure to keep an eye on this page because we'll be sure to mix it up and add cool rewards in the future!