What is protein? I want to know but the wiki gave me a headache

Protein: we all know it’s good for us, but when you try to read up on it, all you get are these chemical explanations that bring back sweaty nightmares from high school. So what is it? And since it’s called pro-tein, does that mean you can be against tein as well?

What is it?!

Protein is one of the nutrients that provide your body with energy, just like carbs and fats. The thing that makes protein different from those other guys? Amino acid. That may sound like a Spotify playlist for Japanese techno music, but it’s actually an essential building block for your body.

And it’s amazing, really. It’s good for your bones, your blood, your skin and hair, and it defends you against infections. It helps your muscles to contract, your eyes to see and your nails to scratch out the eyes of your enemies. (Or open a can of cola.)

Your body needs a steady supply of protein, because when there are no new building blocks coming in, your body will pull the amino acid from itself. You know, like a Jenga-tower that grows because pieces are pulled from itself. Everybody who ever played a game of Jenga knows that the more blocks you pull from it, the sooner the tower will collapse, and you have to get on the floor to pick up the pieces, your knees in a puddle of beer, your head bumping up against the table. So you’d better eat some fresh building blocks regularly, you get me?

So where do I get these Jenga-blocks?

Jimmy Joy’s got you covered. The protein in Plenny Shake contains all nine of the essential amino acids your body needs, making sure your body is supplied with the recommended daily intake set by the World Health Organization, the European Food Safety Authority and the CPC. That last one stands for Cool People Club and we made it up. The first two organizations are legit though!

There’s not just one source of protein in Plenny Shake, there’s three: rice, hemp and soy. The protein in soy alone would have been more than enough to provide you with all the essential amino acids, but we put rice and hemp in there as well, for the very scientific reason of ‘we thought it was cool’. (And also for the fact that it creates a more diverse nutrient profile)

There’s no difference in the provision of amino acids by our original and our vegan shakes. The vegan variety is more environmentally friendly, that’s all. And looking at the state of the environment right now, well shit. You might just consider it.

Some fun facts about protein: